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Angel3D Zirconia Milling Machine (Korea Brushless Handpiece)

Article Number

ISO9001:2000 Approved

The Machine is the necessary tool for make the zirconia teeth in dental laboratroy.

Angel3D Zirconia Milling Machine be included the brushless handpiece, It is Low noise,High torque and high power; it is 2-4 times as higher as brush motor; The good cutting-tool and sensing head; The worktable and working plate 360 degree rotation system can process any points of model; The concise and high-efficiency dust extraction system; Low cost;high return; High cost performance;stick to high-technology; The simple technology;reliable precision products; Dont't need the expensive laser scanning and CAD/CAM; Small size and saving space; Angel 3D uses the Korea handpiece.

Parts Included

Spare Parts&Accessories

Our company provides kinds of brand zirconia ceramic blocks. They are fully compatible with Cercon System,Manual System,Wieland System,Kavo System,Amann Girrbach System,etc. They significantly reduce the usage cost of materials. Please contact our sales of their specific varieties, specifications or send e-mail to our salesman.

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